Your smart television can also spy on you

In a recent report, the US Investigation Agency (FBI) has warned consumers that if they have a sophisticated type of smart television, they can apparently spy on them while entertaining them.

Let’s say that like a smartphone, smart TV is always connected to the internet which we can also call ‘entertainment computer’ for our convenience. Smart TV has its own operating system, which is additionally equipped with a camera and microphone. In collaboration with the FBI and other government and non-governmental organizations, recent reviews have revealed that smart television. There are several security bugs that any hacker can “hack” your smartphone system to take advantage of.

As such, it is quite possible that while you are watching a movie on your Smart TV, the same Smart TV (with your camera and microphone) is secretly recording all of your information to a remote hacker. Sending In addition, it is possible that if you are watching movies online with the help of smart television, a hacker may also attack your bank account.

The FBI report specifically points out that smart television does not pay special attention to security and privacy measures, so they can be an easy target for hackers. , Hacking of devices connected to the smart watch and the internet all the time does not seem strange but this is the first time that the threat of spying through smart television has come to light. It is hoped that smart TV makers will start to focus on this aspect in their upcoming designs.

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