Twitter has banned political advertising

Francesco (Web Desk) The micro-blogging site Twitter will ban all political advertising from next month. According to Reuters news agency, the company’s decision to ban political advertising on Twitter has been made in line with the US election of 2020, which will be implemented from November 22.

According to the Twitter administration, the full details of the new political advertising policy will be released on November 15. Twitter’s big action against inappropriate and hateful messages. It has decided to ban all political advertising on Twitter globally. Political advertising is banned due to the growing criticism of politicians on social media misinformation.

US President Donald Trump’s election campaign manager Brad Parscale has banned political advertising on Twitter, saying the ban is just another attempt by left-wing politicians to stop Trump and the Conservatives. Joe Biden, the spokesman for Biden’s presidential campaign, said that the lack of money wins between advertising dollars and the integrity of democracy is a source of encouragement for elections.

Remember that last year, Facebook also approved certification by imposing strict conditions for posting political ads on its website. The new policy for political advertising on Facebook was implemented by the popular site Facebook. Criticism came at a time when it was revealed that a political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, which also served as Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, had the reputation of over 87 million Facebook users Access to information was provided. Mark Zuckerberg, a founder of Facebook, confirmed his approval before posting political ads on Facebook.

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