Three areas of technology that will change human life in 2020

There is a lot of potential for amazing changes in technology during 2020; this development will have a significant impact on human life.

While many inventions are being worked out, there are three main areas that will revolutionize some aspects of human life during the current year.

Artificial intelligence

Currently, every smart application is driven by some kind of artificial intelligence, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri software are great examples of this. The two companies are making further improvements in this regard and this will continue through 2020.

Similarly, Amazon’s Alexa is improving very rapidly. Until now Alexa had needed a good processor in addition to 100 MB RAM, but now the software runs on only one MB and normal processor.

Amazon claims that adding Alexa to the product can do a lot of work through sound alone, including closing the bulbs, setting thermostat limits, and countless other tasks that involve the use of language instead of hands. That would be enough.

May 2020 Google Assistant 2.0 is coming out which, according to the company, will not only answer your question but it will also be able to understand your point in advance.

Google and Amazon are increasing their ability to listen to their own software so they can sense the wind and the footsteps.

Five G

2020 is supposed to be the year of FiveG, meanwhile, it will be working all over the United States, the mobile sets that support it are also getting cheaper, making this technology accessible to the common man.

It is estimated that the FiG will completely transform human life, making it easier for the machines to communicate with each other, without the driver being able to avoid collisions with the same contact.

Internet of Things

It is also known as IoT in short terms and it will penetrate the internet across devices and products.

Everything from security cameras, vacuum cleaners, and locks to the Internet will dominate the Internet.

It is estimated that by 2025, 100 billion products will be linked to each other, allowing consumers to control them even when they are present.

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