The five most important features to be joined by the WhatsApp by 2020

The WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications worldwide, with over a billion users.

Like 2019, this year it is likely to include new features that will make it more attractive and easy.

Five of the most important WhatsApp updates are expected by 2020.


Dark mode

Earlier, Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail facilitated the Dark Mode, now reported that WhatsApp is also working on it and users will soon get the news.

The news circulated in the world media that WhatsApp is working on a few updates before introducing the Dark Mode so that users do not face any issues.


Automatically delete messages

It is learned that WhatsApp is introducing a new feature whereby the user will be able to schedule any message after which it will be automatically deleted.

This feature first appeared in a version of the Android app, but according to one website, it is not yet accessible to everyone.

This message is useful for people who want to delete a message based on sensitive information at a particular time.

The good thing about this is that it will not leave its mark after deleting the message and there is no sign of its disappearance.



In 2019, Facebook said it would launch ads in the WhatsApp by 2020, initially, it would only appear in status posts, but would later include full-screen ads.


Old phones will miss the WhatsApp

The WhatsApp will not run on Windows smartphones later this month, as well as a variety of Android and iPhones.

Starting February 1st, mobiles using Android 2.3.4 or below will lose the WhatsApp.

Likewise, WhatsApp will be discontinued on iPhones running on iOS 8.


Reverse image search

This is the best feature of the WhatsApp that will be provided during 2020 and allows the user to find out where an image was actually sent from.

The purpose is to solve the problem of fake news.

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