Social Media Proposed Laws Challenge Court

Laws proposed by the government on social media have been challenged in Islamabad High Court

Applicant Raja Ahsan Mehmood, through his lawyer Jahangir Jadun, has appealed to the court that the proposed social media rules of the government should be declared as a base constitution.

The applicant has taken the stand that the proposed government rules on social media conflict with the constitutional rights of citizens. The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees freedom of expression.

The petition states that the proposed social media laws conflict with Article 19 of the Constitution. Even before the government introduced social media laws, civil society and related social media companies did not respond.

The applicant has taken the stand that social media websites Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites are an urgent need.

The applicant has made Secretary Law and Justice, Secretary Information Technology and Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication a party to the petition.

It is to be noted that the laws to prevent propaganda on social media in Pakistan have been given the name of Online Harm to Person.

At a meeting of the Standing Committee on Information Technology last month, Secretary IT Shoaib Siddiqui said these roles would make it possible to catch false propagandists.

Chairman of the committee Ali Khan Jadoon had said that we continue to appoint cybercrime but now action needs to be taken.

During the meeting, Secretary IT said that they were going to work on the national roaming policy in the country and Chairman PTA has been consulted in this regard.

Director FIA Cyber ​​Crime Wing Waqar Ahmad Chauhan also briefed the Standing Committee on Information Technology on social media propaganda, saying that according to the law, the affected person can become a self-complainant.

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