Singapore law will affect freedom of expression

Facebook has raised concerns over Singapore’s law preventing fake news, saying it is an attempt to curb free expression.

Singapore’s government, using the law, has asked Facebook to block a news page that posts critical news about the government.

According to the news agency ‘Reuters’, the Singapore government had recently banned the website of the State Time Review, after which Facebook was also asked to close the relevant page.

The news was posted on the post. The government says the “State Time Review” website has conveyed inaccurate information regarding the Coronavirus.

A Facebook statement expressing concern over the government’s orders stated that it was legally obliged to terminate the page’s access.

Yan states that such orders contradict the Singapore government’s claim that the law preventing fake news will not be used as a censorship tool.

Singapore’s government enacted a law in October last year, which was widely criticized by social workers and politicians. Critics think the government will censor criticism through this law.

Singapore has denied the critics’ claims, saying the law is only meant to deal with lies based on news, while legitimate criticism and free speech will not be affected.

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