Huawei s record revenue of 122$ billion despite US sanctions

Despite all US sanctions, Chinese company Huawei’s development journey is underway, its non-permanent chairman Eric Zhou said in a New Year’s message that the company’s revenue during 2019 is 850 billion yuan ($ 122 billion).

The chairman said this is a new record for the company, with its revenue up 18% over last year.

Huawei ranks second in the world in sales of 24 million phones, compared to 20 million last year, he said.

“The figures are lower than our initial estimates, but business is firmly established and we stand firm despite the difficulties,” Eric Zou said.

He acknowledged that the United States was campaigning against Huawei with a strategy and continuity that led to many difficulties and that if the campaign continued, the difficulties would increase.

He said that 2020 would be a year of survival for the company.

In the same year, the US Department of Commerce blacklisted Huawei and banned business relationships with US companies.

The United States also told its allies to refrain from using the Chinese company’s products, alleging that Huawei’s parts posed a threat to national security.

In October, US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Russia said at a press conference in New Delhi that he hoped that India would not jeopardize its security using Chinese FiveG devices.

Not all US allies listened to the suggestion, on Monday, India allowed Huawei to participate in the trial use of the FIVE G system, which is widely believed to be a victory for the company.

In a statement, the CEO of the company in India, Jai Chen, thanked India.

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