Huawei s decision to replace Gmail and YouTube

Huawei’s popularity on mobile has not changed since the end of the Google media service, now it has decided to end Google’s monopoly by developing an alternative system.

The Chinese company is reportedly trying to replace Gmail and YouTube, among other things.

Experts say that because of US sanctions, it is likely that GMS will not be able to run on the new mobile of Huawei and other Chinese companies, so the company is developing its system.

GMS includes Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Navigation, and Google Drive, which is a major challenge in developing and making alternatives accessible to users.

Charles Peng, the country’s Country Chief, mentioned several important decisions in an interview with the Economic Times.

Huawei’s own system apps for online payments, games, and messages will be ready by the end of December, in addition to Google Maps’ alternative navigation, he said.

Charles Peng said that they are bringing between 100 and 150 new apps to the market to end Google’s monopoly, which also includes an alternative to Google Drive.

He said that consumers will not see any difference between Google Media Service and Huawei Media Service, in collaboration with experts, are developing a complete mobile ecosystem.

Remember that one million developers are working worldwide for Huawei Media Service, the company has allocated a billion dollars in this regard.

Experts say that the bigger challenge than creating an alternative to Gmail and YouTube is to make consumers ready to use it, as both are popular worldwide right now.

Recently, news came out that Huawei has come close to overtaking Samsung and becoming the world’s number one company.

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