How to send a large file in an email?

Different email services have made file transfer much easier. Meaning, just compose your email Click on the attach file Browse your file and click the Send button and here your file is transferred.

That means it’s so easy. But each email service has a fixed file size. As in Gmail, the file size should not exceed 25 megabytes.

Sometimes you have to send or request a large file. And if you want to avoid the complex server of remote server access or data compression like FTP for getting used to email services, there are solutions to these problems.

You need to send a free account and you get 100 MB file options on the business plan and you get up to 2 GB file size limit on the Business Standard plan, Size is 100 GB.

Go to / Transfer Select a file If you have a Business Advance or any other expensive plan in the same category, you can enter a password to increase security and enter any expiry date. Then in the case of other plans, you can set an express limit within three or seven days.


When the file is ready for transfer, you see a link that you can send to the recipient / desired person via e-mail or a messaging app. You may want to know how many times a file has been viewed or downloaded and you can also disable the link.

On the page that appears, you will see the option to drag-and-drop or browse and select the file, using either of these two options: Write in the browser. Select and then in the option that appears you can select only one day or one download option without registering in Expire After.

But the recipient needs to enter this password to download so tell them the password by another means then press the upload button then a link will be generated for it to your email or any messaging app. Send it to the person you want or share it on social media.


V transfer
Type v ( in the browser. Here you can upload files up to 2GB with a free file transfer plan, but using the Pro plan you can increase your transfer limit up to 20 GB for $ 12 a month and with it, you can increase security. You can also select password and expression data for this platform. By default, you can generate a link to send a file in the email, but by clicking on the three dots under the same window you can generate a link that you can share with the person you want or the person. Can do

If you type in your browser, from ( you will get to a website where there is no limit to the size of the file transfer – yes there is no file size limit in the free plan.
But free plan transfers to non-priority bases above 2GB file size meaning file transfer link generation can take a long time. Your file will expire after a maximum of 14 days with a free plan.

For security, you can also set a password. You do not need to be a registered user to send a file at all times but you have to enter your email address on which you receive link notifications such as when the link is being generated and downloaded.


On the first home page, select Smash Select File From the Next option, select Email if you want to send the file link via email and click the link option if you want to generate a link. Go to Settings and select Expiry Time and Password and click on Send if you want to email otherwise get a link by selecting the Gateway link.

Cloud Services
Cloud Services offers Google Drive 15 while iCloud and One Drive provide five GB space. Google Drive provides many options for sharing links such as whether you can print a recipient file or not.

So go to Google Drive, click on the desired file, select share option and share it with others. There are similar sharing options in OneDrive and iCloud, though they are limited in comparison to Dropbox and Google Drive.

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