Five Phone Charging Tips

mobile to the lack of knowledge of technology in our country these days, there is some hearing that people are doing without research.

Being behind in the field of technology, we either talk about it as false or filmy, or we begin to believe them to the extent we believe. There are similar myths and conspiracy theories regarding battery used in mobile phones.

Generally, there are many things about mobile phones that most people consider to be true, but in fact, there is no truth in them. In this article, you will find the secrets that people deal with blindly

Use of Local Charger

It is a lie that a company whose mobile is mobile must use the charger. It is commonly heard that if using a charger other than, the battery of the mobile will be damaged.

You can use the charger of any good company, just make sure it is not a fake or a copy of the mark. That is, if the phone is of Samsung then Apple’s charger can be used and there is no problem in charging the Apple phone with Samsung’s charger.

Phone usage while charging

It is also a lie that a mobile phone should not be used while charging as it may explode. In fact, the mobile phone never explodes, its battery explodes when a fake charger is being used. If you are using a charger of a famous company, there is no fear of using a charging phone while the battery is leaking.

Overnight charging on mobile is dangerous

It is commonly said that mobile phones should not be charged overnight or else they may explode due to battery overcharge. In fact, this is not the case because modern mobile phones have a safety circuit installed that disconnects the connector from the charger when charging the battery.

No need to turn the phone off

Your phone may be a machine but it also needs some rest. According to Apple experts, you should periodically turn off your phone to extend battery life, especially before going to bed.

Experts say turning off your phone once a week is especially important for Android users, especially for Android users.

Charge when the battery runs out

Myths also include that the battery does not charge until it runs out. The Ideal range of batteries used in Lithium-Ion or Samsung and Apple products is also charged between 20 and 80%. People who want to use their mobile for 3 to 4 years and want their battery not to be a problem should keep the battery between 20 and 80%.

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