Apple fined for slowing down iPhones

In France, a state-owned consumer rights watchdog says Apple will pay a fine of 25 million euros for older iPhones due to new software.

Apple is alleged to have not informed consumers about the problem.
American multinational technology company Apple acknowledged in 2017 that its new software slowed down the speed of older telephones.

Critics accuse Apple of forcing users using iPhones to change their phones ahead of time, according to news agency AFP

Halt Planned Observatory.

Anti-fraud agency DGCCRF said in a statement that “users using iPhones were not notified that iOS (10.2.1 and 11.2) was affecting the performance of their phones.” Will slow them down.

Apple announces agreement with anti-fraud agency DGCCRF
According to Apple, the deal will not have to suffer the embarrassment of a public lawsuit.

“We aim to make our products safer for our customers and we strive to make iPhones last longer.”

Technology experts have also been aware of technical flaws in iPhone models in the past.

Apple said last October that the company would repair the iPhone for free to consumers.

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